Julie Martin, Community Manager, Website Designer, Writer


What ARE Community Services?

Community Services is a term that encompasses things like social media set-up and updates, community moderation, community building and community growth.

Why are you qualified?

In short, I have 28 years of experience with online communities. I started out calling local bulletin board systems (BBSes) as a child and soon was running my own system. I was a moderator of several message forums on these local BBSes and, when the Internet became readily available, I jumped in with both feet.

Over the last 20 years, I have created and managed mailing lists, online message boards, chatrooms and IRC channels and servers, as well as MMORPG guilds. I've co-hosted and produced a podcast that ran for 75 episodes, I've become very familiar with Twitter, Facebook and all the other cool social media sites out there and, basically, I know how to run an online community. Chances are good that if you have a problem with regards to online communities, I can help out.

(Not convinced? Check out my curriculum vitae.)

What are your prices like?

An hourly rate model doesn't really work for online communities unless you're just talking about spending a couple of hours here or there moderating. As such, most of my prices have to do with full-on projects, like setting up a message board or an IRC server or setting up a variety of social media accounts for you. Each of these have different base prices which are modified by the personal touch I bring. I will work with you to ensure that we're building the community that you want to build.

As such, please contact me for a personalized quote.

How do I contact you?

Head over to my contact page!