Julie Martin, Customer Success Manager, Community Manager, Writer


Work Experience

08/15 - Present: Head of Customer Success, Vanilla Forums

· Responsibilities as per the previous Customer Success Manager position. New responsibilities include hiring, onboarding and managing new Customer Success Managers, documenting Customer Success processes, annual contract renewals and more.

07/14 - 08/15: Customer Success Manager, Vanilla Forums

· Responsibilities primarily focus on helping high-end clients to succeed with the platform. This help includes onboarding, acting as a liaison between developers and clients, advising clients on how to best moderate, manage and grow their communities. Also provided is basic technical support, or liaising between clients and support. Total number of clients managed exceeds 100, totalling more than $100k in monthly recurring revenue. Other responsibilities include various billing duties: invoices, refunds, cancelling accounts and other such tasks. Also helping other departments in their client-facing projects, such as introducing Marketing to clients for case-studies and contacting clients on behalf of Operations to schedule migrations.

11/09 - 11/13: Webmaster, Studio Technique

· Responsible for converting PSD image files into usable web pages as well as overall website upkeep and maintenance. Also responsible for creating and maintaining blogs and forums for animation students to use in order to share their homework assignments with classmates and the art director. Partly responsible for the studio's Twitter account and Facebook page.

08/11 - 10/11: French-language Community Moderator, Mzinga Inc.

· Supervised the French-language Microsoft Office 365 forum and wrote weekly reports in English about the forum activity, which included regular French-to-English translation.

05/08 - 09/09: French-language Community Moderator, Mzinga Inc.

· Provided online moderation, customer service and basic technical support to French-speaking users with regards to Microsoft Office Live Workspace. Included was English-to-French translation for various technical solutions or information and French-to-English translation stemming from user suggestions during the beta phase of the product.

06/05 - 09/05: Bilingual Telephone Interviewer, Ipsos

· Interviewed people over the telephone in both English and French, recording their responses. Calls were made to people all over North America, both at random and to specific individuals. Member of Team Fire once promoted to a regular team. Specific surveys included ones for the CBC, the Rick Hansen Foundation and Air Canada Jazz. Survey completion rate generally exceeded the target flow and scores were generally positive in comparison to other interviewers.

02/02 - 09/02: Web designer/coder for Cyber Marketing Services, Inc.

· Responsible for writing and coding sports-related HTML newsletters on a weekly basis, to be sent out to over 100,000 site members, added site promotions, coded affiliate website, coded templates for affiliate sites, designed and coded company-owned websites, optimized all images used on sites for the web using Adobe ImageReady with Adobe Photoshop 6.0. Was also responsible for the front-end of a banking interface that over 300 company-owned websites used.

09/97 - 09/01: Chatting Online Guide at About.com, Inc.

· Wrote over 100 chat-related articles over the four years, sent biweekly newsletters to over 11,000 subscribers, found quality chat-related links, moderated the three busiest chatrooms on the About network, managed a team of up to ten chatroom assistants, replied to user emails daily, optimized pages for search engines, consistently ranked within the top 10% of all sites on the network from approximately June of 1998 to September of 2001.

Extra-Curricular Activities

2014: Columnist at SentryTotem.com.
2014: Author of an 84-page raider's guide, relating to World of Warcraft.
2013: Author of a 358-page Guild Master guide, relating to World of Warcraft.
2010-2013: Co-host/Producer of a World of Warcraft podcast.
2006-2009, 2010-2012: Guild Officer/Guild Master/Raid Leader of a World of Warcraft guild on the Eldre'Thalas (US) server.
2006-2008: Member of the Montreal Gamecode Project.
2004-2006: English Language Administrator at Hattrick.org.
2002-2010, 2012-2014: Annual participant in National Novel Writing Month.
2002-2010: Provider of the official NaNoWriMo chatrooms.
2001-Present: Webmaster at GoodChatting.com.
2001-Present: Network administrator of GoodChatting.com IRC server.
2001-Present: Freelance chat server configuration/setup.
1996-Present: Freelance web design.
1995-1996: System Operator (SysOp) of Dawson College BBS.
1994-1996: Member of CIXS, Dawson College Radio news team.
1994-1995: Co-System Operator (Co-SysOp) of Dawson College BBS.
1993-1994: Head Ambassador, Miss Edgar's and Miss Cramp's School.

Technologies/Software/Social Media

· Experience with JavaScript and PHP
· Adobe Photoshop
· Adobe Illustrator
· Adobe Premiere
· HomeSite
· Dreamweaver
· Quark Xpress Passport
· Flash MX, with use of Actionscript

Audio & IRC
· Audacity
· UnrealIRCD, with Epona/Anope services (Linux)
· mIRC

· Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7
· Mac OSX
· Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power Point)
· Teamwork project management software
· Freshbooks invoicing
· Pivotal Payments credit card processing
· HipChat internal chat
· Slack internal chat

Social Media & Blogging
· Twitter (web & clients)
· Facebook
· WordPress (self-hosted and wordpress.com)
· YouTube

Other Skills

· Building/moderating online communities.
· Ability to set up and run an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server with services on a unix-based system.
· Extremely comfortable with Vanilla Forums hosted and open-source platforms.
· At ease with most popular message forum host-it-yourself software (phpBB, UBB, vBulletin, Invision).
· Over 25 years of experience with online communication.
· Excellent communicator.
· Ability to manage a website with several hundred pages.
· Ability to type approximately 85 words per minute.
· Ability to synthesize and summarize data.
· Creative thinker.


June, 2012: Bachelor of Arts, Specialization Sociology, Concordia University
July, 2003: Flash MX Level II, Concordia University
April-June, 2003: Flash MX Level I, Concordia University
January-March, 2003: Certificate in Graphics Applications in Desktop Publishing, Concordia University
1994-1996: Social Science Program, Dawson College
1983-1994: Miss Edgar's and Miss Cramp's School


English - written, read and spoken fluently.
French - written, read and spoken proficiently.
Italian - written, read and spoken at a conversational level.
(15 Italian credits at Concordia University)

Writing Samples

My writing samples can be found in the writing section of this website.


1996: Dawson College Media Council Club Award, awarded to Dawson College BBS as the best Media Council Club in 1995-1996.


- available upon request.