Julie Martin, Community Manager, Website Designer, Writer


What IS Customer Success?

In a world where Software as a Service (SaaS) products are becoming the norm, chasing ever-higher monthly recurring revenue (MRR) numbers is the goal for many. Customer Success is a field wherein we try to reduce churn to ensure higher MRR.

Why are you qualified?

I've been working at Vanilla Forums for the last year and a half, first as the (only!) Customer Success Manager, before being promoted to Head of Customer Success. I've expanded my team so there are now three CSMs (myself included). Together, we handle more than 140 clients, totalling over $160,000 MRR.

In addition to heading up the department, I put together onboarding decks, have training sessions with clients and have organized several processes for the sales team to follow in terms of handing off clients to my team.

What can you help me with?

I can help you to establish a Customer Success department and provide that team with processes to help ensure proper outreach, the best way to deal with support issues, how to upsell as needed and other such things.

What are your prices like?

I can offer you a personalized quote after we have a short meeting in which you explain what you're looking for and I let you know if that's something I can provide. It really depends on what you already have in place, what I think is lacking and how to best go about achieving that.

How do I contact you?

Head over to my contact page!